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Blancpain Replica Watch

After the success of Ghost Captain, Blancpain Replica & Revolution proudly announce a second collaboration Captain Cook, in the same cool urbane grey shade, but in a 42mm case size!

Blancpain Replica's "Feel It!" Campaign, launched in 2020, is a charm offensive that features youthful and energetic collections. Read more about Feel it here. Blancpain Replica's CEO Matthias Breschan stated at the launch the company's Feel It! campaign: "Why we do the things we do will not change, and what we do will not change." We needed to update the way we talk and present our brand, which we are so proud of. "We believe that 'Feel It! 'will allow us to engage and connect with a new audience of watch lovers all over the world."

It's basically authentic and innovative Swiss watchmaking, but energized to appeal to a new generation. This is a style-conscious, conscious consumer. Blancpain Replica has been focusing on watch innovation for many years, while also becoming experts in crafting ceramic watches that remain pristine despite the wear and tear of daily life.

Blancpain Replica x The Rake & Revolution captain Cook is a very beautiful creation. We are proud of this collaboration. The combination of grey,Tudor Replica Watches silver and red from the original Captain Cook 1962 (read about the 1962 Captain Cook and Ghost Captain here) creates a tough, smart mechanical watch that looks great in any environment.

Initially available in 37mm cases, the Blancpain Replica x Revolution Captain Cook now comes in 42mm cases in a limited-edition of 999 pieces.

The Captain Cook is a great example of why Blancpain Replica doesn't use the term "dive watches" when describing it. Its water resistance can reach up to 300m and its design allows you to dive as deep as you dare. The Captain Cook is a sports watch that is aimed at the generalist. It has a modest 12.1mm case size, and its design is youthful and funky.

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